Cultivation of Chicory to Be Resumed in the Sumy region

Chicory cultivation will be revived in the village of Zaliznyak in the Sumy region. This culture used to be very popular among Ukrainian farmers, writes “Agro-Center”.

In 2019, Zaliznyak Farm ranked third in the all-Ukrainian competition “Incredible Villages of Ukraine-2019”. As part of the competition, the village community proposed the “Zolotnitskaya Sotka” project, which requires the joint efforts of local entrepreneurs, activists, and managers.

Chicory’s roots are used to produce the so-called chicory “coffee”, which is widely used in the confectionery and spirits industry.

The roots are harvested in the fall, after rain, when soil is soft. In this way, the root is easily extracted intact. Harvesting during dry days is impossible as only the tips of the root can be pulled from the ground.

The initiators of the project want to set up a cafe in the village library, where they will treat guests with chicory “coffee” drink, that tastes great and is much more nutritious than coffee.

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