“I will miss it”: foreigner impressed by a village near the ATO zone (video)

An American lived in a Ukrainian village for six weeks and was impressed. The man said he will miss Ukraine, its people and its “depths”, writes Agro-Center.

During his time in Ukraine, the American lived in an ordinary Ukrainian family, rode a bike in Mariupol and learned to speak Ukrainian:

“I think when I go back to the United States, I will miss this. Today I woke up early, about 5 o’clock, because I wanted to go to Mariupol. I was inspired. I felt great. I drove to Mariupol and went home. I returned to the village of Osipenko very tired. A Ukrainian bicycle, on which I traveled, was slow and did not work well. Its future is unknown just like Ukraine’s. You cannot plan,”

– says the man.

During these six weeks, the American was impressed by Ukrainian village:

“It is amazing to dive into this rural environment. Here, you can do it with much more depth than in America,”

– says the foreigner.

Watch the video for more details:

Монолог американця після життя в українському селі

"В Україні є глибина, справжність…" Американець після 6 тижнів в українському селі розповів, чому важливо цінити Україну. Цей монолог має подивитись кожен.

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Don’t look down on a Ukrainian village cause it deserves development and attention.

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