In Zhmerynka, royal shrimp are grown at a fur factory (photo)

A shrimp farming enterprise began its work in the Vinnitsa region, in the city of Zhmerinka. Shrimp will be grown in the building of a former fur factory. The building was repaired, new equipment was installed and first shrimp are already being grown, writes “Agro-Center”.

“The factory was empty for more than ten years, everything was destroyed and dismantled. There were only walls. The enterprise decided to create a shrimp growing facilities there. It took two years to bring the building back to life. An idea for the business came after seeing such an enterprise abroad,”

said deputy director Vladimir Derkach.

To grow shrimp, the company installs the equipment – large tanks filled with water. Workers have already started to grow first shrimp. Shrimp are tiny and transparent, not easily seen.

Shrimp should grow to 12 centimeters in five months, so they are fed with special fodder.

“At the moment, there are 180 thousand shrimp in the tanks. They need care and special conditions. Temperature regime is important. Water has a temperature of 29-30 degrees, the temperature in the room is 33-34 degrees. We always control the content of salt, ammonium, acidity, water’s hardness,”

says a laboratory assistant Miroslava.

It is planned that the enterprise will start to work in full force in half a year. Shrimp is not a cheap product, so the owners will work for both – the Ukrainian and the European markets.

The company will employ only 35 people since most of the work will be fully automated.

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