A farmer from Iceland created a “transparent hotel” in the woods (photo)

A farmer from Iceland built a hotel with transparent walls in a forest. The walls are transparent so that visitors can watch an aurora, also known as northern lights, writes Agro-Center.

One of Iceland’s most remote volcanic islands attracts tourists because of its cold beauty and wild Scandinavian nature. Special hotel rooms – completely transparent and in a form of a bubble – are here for those who are looking for peace and harmony.

Visitors can stay in inflatable huts, located in the middle of a forest. The 360° rooms are called “the hotel of millions of stars” as they give an opportunity to watch incredible icy landscapes during the day and aurora at night.

The design of the hotel is an embodiment of Arctic minimalism. In the rooms, there are only comfortable beds, warm rugs, small lamps. Each house is equipped with a ventilation system and heaters. A kitchen, bathrooms and some other rooms are located separately on the territory. An idea of ​​creating transparent hotel rooms belongs to a local entrepreneur, who has been working on farmland for several years and has built extraordinary rooms.

“First, there was a field here. 28 years ago we began to plant trees. A young man has been working here for a long time, and once, about two years ago, he asked us if we would like to experiment and build one transparent bubble room. We agreed but, at that time, we did not expect it to become a business,”

– says the female farmer Sigridur Sigursfindottir.

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