Scientists from Sumy Created Biodegradable Produce Bags (Photo)

Scientists from Sumy have succeeded in making produce bags from natural plant-based materials. Unlike plastic ones, these bags are completely biodegradable, writes “Agro-Center”.

Dmytro Bydyukna is Associate Professor of the Food Technology Department at SNAU. He wrote on his Facebook page:

“Today is a special day that will go down in history. This day can be considered the beginning of a new phase of the FoodBIOPack project. Even though it is no longer a project but a company. Today, Anastasia Shevtsova and I, for the first time after numerous unsuccessful attempts, have managed to make a produce bag from natural plant-based components.”

This package differs from our prototype. It was manufactured on a type of industrial equipment called extruder.

By the way, our invention was made exactly a year ago, in August of 2018)) The technology still needs refinement, but now we can proudly say “It works!”

“It wasn’t an easy path; we faced many difficulties. However, giving up is not in our nature! Huge thanks to everyone who believed in us, helped and supported us! To be continued…”

wrote Dmytro.

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