Unique mineral fertilizers in the Lviv region (video)

There is a plant in the Lviv region where effective mineral fertilizers for acidic soils are manufactured. What makes this plant unique is that it works closely with scientists, writes “Agro-Center”.

Scientists and producers of mineral fertilizers successfully co-operate in the Lviv region at the plant “TETRA-AGRO”. The company manufactures mineral fertilizers, which are designed for acidic Ukrainian soils.

The results of using the fertilizers are studied by scientists from the Lviv National Agrarian University. They use research fields for their work. The company uses special phosphorus raw material, brought from Egypt, and potassium chloride from Belarus, to make the fertilizers. They used to buy Ukrainian potassium chloride, but Ukrainian deposits were closed. The manufacturers chose Egyptian raw material because of its characteristics that are perfect for Ukrainian soil.

“We do not just buy what is on the market. We have found a deposit that is perfect for us. In Egypt, it works especially for “TETRA-AGRO”. We take what we need – based on the contents of the substance and the content of trace elements – and what works great for our production and customers,”

– said the owner, Sergei Prokopenko.

“TETRA-AGRO” plant is an example of how the joint efforts of scientists and agronomists help to create a quality Ukrainian product that can compete with foreign fertilizers.

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