A Californian company presented new varieties of strawberries and raspberries

New varieties of raspberries and strawberries were presented by the Californian berry producer “Driscoll’s”. According to fruitnews.ru, the main feature of the “Rose Berries” variety is a pale pink color, writes “Agro-Center”.

Berries of the “Sweetest Batch” variety are the sweetest. Besides the unique color and taste, strawberries and raspberries also have a nice texture and a fresh fragrance.

By creating “Rose Berries” and “Sweetest Batch” varieties, the manufacturer demonstrates its selection experience and thoughtfulness in creating new varieties.

Locals will have an opportunity to try the new varieties during the harvesting season. The berries will also be delivered to shops.

It is expected that the new varieties will appear in the assortment line of the company by September.

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