Malaysian market is delighted with Ukrainian products

Representatives of the countries of Southeast Asia highly appreciated Ukrainian apples, berries, honey, and confectionery, writes Agro-Center.

According to the results of a trade mission to Southeast Asia, an economist at the FAO’s Investment Department Andrew Yarmak wrote on his Facebook page:

“Test drives” of our products have been very successful. Apple, berries, honey, pastry – everything was highly appreciated. We also managed to find very good logistic solutions. So far, we are finalizing the issues of logistics of fresh berries”, wrote Andriy Yarmak.

In addition to the listed products on the Malaysian market, there may be a niche for milk processors. For example, kefir is worth $9-10 for a small bottle.

“In Singapore, there is a niche for our fresh juice. It is a trend, and everything here is decided by marketing. But we made it directly to the networks, therefore, our chances are good. Networks liked our packaging decisions”, added Yarmak.

He also noted that registration of business in Malaysia and Singapore can be done quickly, is transparent and inexpensive. A report in Malaysia is filed once a year on income tax. The latter, by the way, is 20%. There is also quarterly sales tax reporting. Sales tax is 6%.

“The principle is much simpler than VAT because it is not necessary to account for the accumulated tax,” added the specialist.

He noted that, as a rule, small and medium-sized businesses do not even keep an accountant and use outsourcing.

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