One of Europe’s largest bilberry plantations is located in the Zhytomyr region (photo)

The bilberry plantation belongs to the “Betek” holding located in the Zhytomyr region, in the Novograd-Volynsky district. The plantation has an area of 325 hectares, writes “Agro-Center”, with reference to “Ukrinform”.

Berries grown on the plantation are certified and safe for consumers. The soil on which bilberry is grown is ecologically clean and contributes to the quality of the product.

“We grow bilberry on the area of ​​325 hectares in the Novograd-Volynskyi district. We have the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest plantations in Europe. We’ve been exporting our product to European countries for more than three years now. We have partners in Holland, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. This year, about a thousand tons of blueberries were harvested. All our fresh produce is immediately exported”,

said Andriy Borisenko, Head of Commercial Department.

According to the company’s employees, the location of the plantation was chosen to suit bilberry production. Soil and climate in the Novograd-Volynskyi district perfect for the cultivation of this particular crop.

“Growing any culture is a very complicated process. Soil, water, climatic conditions, and human resources are the main four factors that influence the development of a berry business. Our region is more continental and, in comparison to our main competitor in this sector, Poland, there’s more sunshine here so the berries are sweeter. It is one of the significant advantages”,

added Andriy Borisenko.

The company is not going to stop at the achieved and is looking for new crops for cultivation.

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