A poisoned river: crayfish and fish are dying in Lviv region

In the Horodotsky district of the Lviv region, fish and crayfish in the Vereshchitsa River are dying rapidly. They are “running away” from the poisonous water, writes “Agro-Center”.

Last week, locals noticed that many crayfish get out of the water and die. This week, the situation is even worse – dead fish float on the surface of the river.

The first to notice the trouble was a resident of the village of Porychya, Myroslava Knysh. The woman lives near the river:

“It is most likely that crayfish crawled out of the water to the shore because the river is polluted by dangerous impurities. We didn’t even know that was so many crayfish our river. In the past, there was this one time when mazut from the Cherlyans got into the river and all crayfish died. After some time the river restored itself and regained its wealth. And now, there’s another trouble … There are shreds floating on the river, on the coastal shrubs there is strange residue I’ve never seen there before. Water has a sharp and unpleasant smell. My son walked along the coast and saw many dead crayfish. It’s difficult to catch a healthy crayfish. I got 14 in just a few minutes. Small fish are swimming close to shore trying to survive …”,

said Myroslava.

People even tried to save crayfish. They collected them in a bucket, washed in three waters, and set free in a clean pond. Locals assume that the problem arose due to pollution of the river by waste produced by the LLC “Yablunyuvy Dar”. People think that water was poisoned as a result of the company washing its tanks. The company has not commented on the situation yet.

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