Ukrainian chicken conquers world markets

In 2018, exports of Ukrainian chicken meat grew by 8.2%. During eight months of the current year, 184.6 thousand tons were exported. During the same period in 2017, only 169.5 thousand tons of Ukrainian chicken were delivered to foreign markets, writes “Agro-Center”.

Ukraine became one of the top three EU leaders in terms of poultry meat export. Nowadays, more countries are opening their markets for Ukrainian chicken. In January-August 2018, Ukraine managed to make $ 290 million on chicken meat exports. It is 22% more than last year.

“Ukraine continues to conquer world markets in the chicken meat sector. During the seven months of 2018, the Netherlands was the main buyer (chicken fillet and carcass) – 16.5%. There were also Iraq (part of the carcass of broilers, the quarters, fillet) – 12,7%, Slovakia (chest, wings) – 9%, Azerbaijan (quarter of carcass, small fillet) – 5.7%, UAE (carcass and fillet) – 4.9%, Saudi Arabia (carcass) – 4.6%,”

noted UFEB.

In the EU, Ukraine ranks third among the largest exporters of chicken. Thailand and Brazil hold the first and second positions. These countries exported 123 thousand and 110 thousand tons respectively in 2018.

“I consider the fact that countries open their markets for us to be very positive. The domestic agro-industrial complex is export-oriented. The more we ship abroad, the more we will be talked about. Thanks to chicken meat exports the world will recognize Ukraine. It will open the way for exports of other products,”

explained Gennadiy Novikov, Head of the “Agrarian Union of Ukraine” Association

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