A farm on your office balcony: a miracle of city-farming (photo)

In Vietnam, a team of ambitious architects work in the niche of vertical agriculture and offer non-standard options. Previously, they designed a children’s aquaponics library. Now, the architects decided to transform office spaces and “breathing life” into empty and unused balconies, and there are a lot in Hanoi, writes “Agro-Center”.

As a result, the Aquaponic Office Balcony project was born. An interior space consists of a unique system of steel supporting systems with greens and fish. The company leased an office in the city center to attract attention to their work.

According to the creators, an urban eco-balcony is multifunctional. Firstly, the architects have installed a steel balcony system with solid glass, which allows natural light to get inside. Steel designs also provide protection from bright sunlight and prevent rainwater from entering the office. In addition, steel frames are modular, which means they can be rearranged. Constructions can be used as a storage space, fasteners for additional lighting and much more.

Filling “dead zones” with plants would be an obvious choice in order to revitalize the working space, but the architects wanted to go a little farther and created an aquaculture system with plants grown with the use of hydroponics.

This system does not require maintenance and adds value to an office building.

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