Ukrainian agrodron from Kray Technologies has no analogs in the world (VIDEO)

A Ukrainian start-up Kray Technologies presented its first agrodron and already accepts orders from American farmers. The unique multirotor quadcopter fertilizer has no analogs in the world. The startup has received an investment of 350,000 dollars and plans to enter the market in 2018.

Founders of Kray Technologies chose a narrow niche for their start-up – quadcopter for fertilization – and focused on the American and Canadian markets. Timely introduction of fertilizers can provide 70% of the harvest. Farmers need to sprinkle the fields in one or two days, which requires fast work.

Airplanes are expensive and have costly service. Therefore, only large corporations can use them. Kray Technologies’ agrodron is designed for American farmers with large fields, but not enough money to buy and maintain an airplane.

Developers created 90% of all parts to the agrodron by themselves. Kray Technologies is located in Kiev, not far from the underground station “Teremky”. Kray Technologies’ product is a drone and airplane hybrid. Eight screws provide a vertical takeoff, traction screw and a wing allow agrodron to fly at speeds up to 110 km per hour. Work cycle of the drone: a flight lasts 15 minutes, service takes 1 minute. In one cycle it processes up to 14 hectares. Battery charge time is 60 minutes. Productivity of the drone is up to 27-48 hectares per hour, 300-500 hectares per day. The capacity of the tank for chemicals is 22.5 liters and 15 kilograms.

The drone has two folding springs with sprayers, which provide a 5 meters long strip of application. Also, the Ukrainian drone is equipped with a system of relief recognition and rotary atomizers, which ensure the precise sprinkling of concentrated chemicals while the drone flies over a field at a 1-meter altitude.

This flight height is optimal for the drone because it designed for the use of more powerfull concentrated chemicals, which are introduced in small doses from a small height.
The Ukrainian agrodron will be available in 2018 and will cost approximately 50,000 dollars.

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