A new agritourism direction, alpaca-yoga, is gaining popularity in the UK

In the UK, a family farm in the Devonshire countryside was the first to offer alpaca yogain the UK. Owners of a small farm, Nick and Lucy Aylett, are engaged in breeding alpacas and own a small herd of sheep, writes “Agro-Center”.

The owners do not offer tourists to ride animals. They decided to focus on direct communication with alpacas. Nick and Lucy use different forms of recreation with these cute animals: walks, picnics, tours, and master classes.

The animals became the main attraction of the farm, and the most popular service is alpaca-yoga. Participants are taught by a yoga instructor. In his opinion, spending time in the company of alpacas allows you to relax and relieve stress much faster.

Nick and Lucy Aylett explain that they care about the mind, body, and spirit. Spending time with alpacas helps achieve more relaxation than indoors. Yoga classes are held nearby alpacas. Animals are peaceful and do not violate the personal space of visitors.

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