Famous writer’s farm was put up for sale (PHOTOS)

Mark Twain’s farm, located on the outskirts of Redding, Connecticut, was auctioned for 1.85 million dollars, according to Agro-Center.

Jean’s Farm occupies more than seven hectares of land. The famous writer bought it in 1860 and named the farm after his youngest daughter Jane. New farm owners carefully restored a historic facade of the building as well as the rooms inside. A cinema, a studio, a pool with sea water, a pond with fish, as well as a set of bridges and green meadows were put up for sale along with the 340-square meter house.

Next to the main house, there is a workshop and a pantry. Twain had lived on the farm for a few months and sold it after his daughter died. The writer donated the money to one of the libraries. Mark Twain died soon after.

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