Tons of black caviar in Kyiv region (VIDEO)

17 years ago, farmers Maxim Mostovy and Sergei Mishkov invested 30 thousand dollars in fish business. Now they sell 100 grams of caviar for 100 dollars, writes Agro-Center.

A farm is located in the Kyiv region. Owners don’t kill the fish but perform an ultrasound procedure. Then they take the caviar from a fish, and a fish can get pregnant again. Sturgeons live up to 100 years old and begin to give caviar at the age of 7-10. Today, 50 thousand fish live on the farm. During one year farmers collect up to one ton of black caviar. “OSETR” company imports caviar to EU countries. In September, the first batch of their caviar went to America and are as good as they are.

In the future, farmers plan to grow albino sturgeon. These fish give a rare caviar with a golden glow. Watch the video for details:

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