Local is better: exotic fruits can be grown in Ukraine

An exotic fruit harvest – persimmons, ziziphus, cornus, figs, and pomegranates – was collected in the Kherson region this year. Experts say that cultivation of these fruits in Ukraine has considerable potential, writes “Agro-Center”.

Ivan Mrynskiy, dean of the Faculty of Agronomy at Kherson State Agrarian University, was one of the first to taste harvested persimmons. The agronomist notes that persimmon is a quite resistant culture, although its cultivation has some specific requirements.

“My parents live in Hola Prystan, and this year, during the ninth cultivation year, we collected six buckets of persimmons. Last year, there were only two buckets. Persimmon is a unique culture. It is affected by neither late spring frosts, which sometimes occur in the Kherson region, nor autumn frosts. One can harvest at the end of October or early November.”

Ivan believes that the prospects for growing such cultures in Ukraine are excellent. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, climate changes and becomes softer, and secondly, domestic agronomists provide varieties adapted specifically to our conditions.

“Zizyphus already grows on the Kherson State Agrarian University’s land plot. Persimmon will be planted soon. It can be done both in the fall and in the spring. However, if planted in the autumn, pomegranate and figs need to be covered in winter as the plants may not survive 20 degrees below zero”,

said the specialist.

Since exotic cultures are new for Ukraine, farmers mustn’t worry about pests. These new plants are stable in this regard.

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