Rice is grown in Ukraine (video)

Kherson agrarians have their mission – to provide a stable rice production in the country after the annexation of the Crimea. After all, before the arrival of the Russians, we supplied ourselves with 70% of the product, and now it’s only 30%, writes Agro-Center.

Most plantations are in Odessa and Kherson regions. To increase the area under ​​crops, farmers need a little help from the state. Rice is not easy to grow, it requires special climate – heat and humidity. The farmers buy Ukrainian seeds from the only institute of rice in Ukraine. Here, 800 hectares are occupied with rice. Work on the field starts early in the morning.

Monks of the Mezhyritsky monastery in the Rivne region are engaged in farming (video)

Each plantation is covered with water. The depth of field flooding is changed periodically. They remove water only before harvesting, in September. On average, one cube of water costs from 50 kopeks to one hryvnia plus electricity. And yet, equipment for irrigation is expensive. The state does not help the agrarians at all.

Black garlic is grown in Ukraine (photo)

Before the annexation of the Crimea, main crops were on the peninsula. We exported goods to Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. Today rice grows only in Odessa and Kherson regions. For domestic consumption, we need more than 150 thousand tons. And we collect just 70. We buy some from Pakistan and China.

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