Prices for Ukrainian cucumbers fell by 38%

Since the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian market of cucumbers has seen a decline in prices by 32-38%, writes Agro-Center.

Today, Ukraine’s greenhouses are ready to ship smooth cucumbers at 30-35 UAH/kg (0,94-1,09 €/kg). Prices for spiny cucumbers vary within the range of 43-45 UAH/kg (1,34-1,40 €/kg). However, a week ago, prices for this product on the Ukrainian market were 72 UAH/kg (2.25 €/kg).

Such a sharp decline is associated with a rather substantial increase in cucumber offers on the market. The weather got warmer and samplings grew significantly in greenhouses in most regions of the country. Moreover, cucumbers from Poland, which sellers offer from 30 UAH/kg, are supplied to the market. It gives additional pressure on prices for local produce.

As a result, greenhouse farms in Ukraine offer cucumbers on average 20% cheaper than in the first half of April 2017. At the same time, many market players expect further price reductions under the pressure of volume bids.

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