Scientists Determined the Product that Can Restore the Lungs of Smokers

Doctors have been observing the health of 650 volunteers for ten years. In addition to various tests, the study participants underwent spirometry. This is a special method of researching the function of external respiration, which includes measuring the volume and rate of respiration, writes “Agro-Center”.

Participants, who consumed two or more tomatoes and at least three apples daily, experienced a slower decline in lung capacity than those who did not regularly consume these products, reports Food News.

Researchers have found that daily consumption of plant-based foods can slow down the deterioration of lung health and help smokers restore their lungs. Scientists have specified that lung health usually starts to decline after the age of 30.

Previously, doctors in the UK reported that it was easier for smokers to fight a bad habit together. According to the doctors, when a person quits smoking, they feel lonely and need the support of loved ones and friends.

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