An English farmer surprised the world with an unusual apology to his wife (photo)

Murray Graham created the inscription “SUE x” on his field in Oxfordshire with the help of the GPS system in his tractor. The farmer wanted just to apologize to his wife but instead became famous, writes Agro-Center.

The 49-year-old man wanted his son, a helicopter pilot George, to fly over the farm and photograph the inscription. But the officers of the National Police Aviation did it first.

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Employees posted the photo on social networks with the inscription: “Does anyone know Sue from Tetworth? #WhoIsSue

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The post became popular online. Supporters of a conspiracy theory argued with the defenders of an alien invasion theory, and there were those who considered the name on the field a marketing ploy of a local law firm.

The farmer admitted on BBC Radio Oxford that, having returned home and hoping to find his love message, he found that he became famous. Murray Graham explained that he only wanted to cheer up his wife by apologizing in an unusual way.

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