Violet and chamomile salad: Edible flowers are appearing in stores

Nowadays, spicy herbs and edible flowers are one of the most popular products in Austria, and suppliers are trying to widen the product range by offering customers both local and imported products. The edible flowers trend is also noticeable in Ukraine, writes “Agro-Center”.

The wholesale trader Gottfried Kramer explains that with a total turnover of 500 to 600 kg per month, herbs are considered one of the most important pillars of wholesale trade.

“We try to offer regional products first, but mainly get products from Israel, Spain, Kenya and, to a lesser extent, Germany,”

said Gottfried.

Selling herbs is profitable, since they are sold in very small 50-gram packages, and buyers run out of them quickly. For example, in the case of restaurant owners, who are among the main consumers. In addition to a wide range of herbs, customers are offered a wide range of seasonal edible flowers.

“Flowers are especially popular in high-class gastronomy. At present, they are offered by regional suppliers,”

says Kramer.

The most popular amongst edible flowers is nasturtium, violet, and chamomile. These flowers do not really have a defined peak season, but customers tend to buy them more in the spring.

“Total sales during the year are always relatively constant, as well as prices,”

said Gottfried.

Most of the flowers are grown in regional greenhouses, in contrast to more cold-resistant herbs such as mint, which are cultivated in Austria in the open air during the summer.

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