A Cow Was Sold for a Record Amount of 40,000 Euros

Last weekend, at the Holtmann family farm in Munster, West Germany, the fifth European Wagyu ceremony took place. One of the highlights was the auction for 42 heads of this rare breed, writes “Agro-Center”.

Wagyu is a Japanese beef breed, where “wa” means “Japanese” and “gyu” means “cow”. Modern representatives of the breed are the result of cross-breeding local cattle in Japan with imported breeds.

It is very difficult to buy animals of this breed, so many farmers are ready to pay a premium price.

Wagyu breeding began in 1868 when the Japanese government wanted to explore Western food habits and culture. During this period, various cattle of Simmental, Shorthorn, Ayrshire and other British, European and Asian breeds were imported.

Nowadays, Wagyu is a horned breed, animals are black or red, and their meat is the most expensive in the world.

Japanese wagyu beef production is strictly regulated, and offspring testing is mandatory. Only the best genetically tested animals are used for breeding. After realizing the value of their unique product, the Japanese government banned the export of wagyu, but now the breeding of Wagyu cattle has become possible in other countries.

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