25 euros per sheep: German farmers will be paid extra for shepherding goats and sheep

Steppe meadows occupy a considerable part of Germany. Goats and sheep who graze there help maintain the lands in good condition. In order to popularize goat and sheep farming, as well as to support farmers, the state decided to pay owners extra 25 euros per goat or sheep, writes “Agro-Center”.

These bonuses will be introduced in 2019-2020 in Thuringia, in the central part of Germany. Each year, 25 euros per goat or sheep will be paid. Farmers can apply from January until the end of March.

“Shepherds in Thuringia can count on our support because they are valuable partners in managing the landscape. For example, our precious steppe meadows and orchid-rich limestone meadows can only be kept in good condition with the help of sheep who graze there,”

said Anja Siegesmund, the Minister of Environment of Thuringia.

Nowadays, in Germany, the state offers subsidies for farmers that amount to 5,000 euros per farm annually. However, the Ministry plans to increase the payments up to 10,000 euros per year.

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