A judge from Dnipro cynically mocked a farmer (details)

There was a scandalous exposure by the security officials of a judge suspected of bribery. The bribing process was filmed by law enforcement officers, writes “Agro-Center”.

In 2008, a farmer and his colleague decided to “fight for justice.” They found out that high ranking officials, judges, and prosecutors from the region illegally received land plots in the village. After numerous threats, men were arrested for alleged bribery. For nine years, no money that Vasyl allegedly took was found, as well as no fingerprints or videos. The farmer claims that the judge of the Kirov court of the Dnipro Natalia Ovcharenko was demanding tens of thousands of dollars from him.

“I’m still in debt. Even selling all my equipment could not help with these debts,”

– says the farmer Vasyl Pooz.

After the farmer was financially ruined, he decided to go to Kiev to the Security Service of Ukraine. There, they took up his case and then the farmer gave already labeled banknotes. All this was filmed by the security forces. Videos from recordings and details are in the TSN’s story below:

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