Berries that give women youth are grown in Ukraine (video)

In Kherson region, Chinese farmers began to grow berries that slow the aging process and rejuvenate the body. They are especially popular among women, writes Agro-Center.

Farmers did not even expect to get a harvest when they planted the bushes. The Chinese farmer Van planted berries at 2 hectares as an experiment. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that these berries are beneficial. They contain a lot of vitamins, including substances that rejuvenate the body and slow the aging of a human body. They plan to grow Goji berries for export to Europe.

The main property of this Chinese, or rather Tibetan plant, is the presence of an exceptional set of various natural elements in them, which makes Goji not only useful and delicious but also miraculous:
– 18 amino acids, most of which are considered to be necessary for the functioning of a human body.
– 21 mineral element – for example, zinc, iron, iodine.
– The amount of vitamin C in these berries is hundred times higher than citrus fruits.
– The amount of iron is times higher than in spinach.
– Vitamins B1, B6, B2 and vitamin E. Also, complex sugars, most of which are not found in any other products (carbohydrates of the LBP group).

Watch the story for the details:

Ukrainian agronomists assure that Goji berries are an analog of ordinary Ukrainian boxthorn, which is considered a weed in Ukraine.

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