A whole class of farmers will disappear by 2040 in the US

Experts believe that by 2040, in the American agrarian sector, large-scale production of agricultural products will be occupied by huge corporations. Few agribusinesses will take over the production of the lion’s share of agricultural products in the country, writes “Agro-Center”.

Small farmers who focus on specialized markets can also succeed in this model. However, middle farmers might not survive the competition. By 2040 there will no longer be federal support for agriculture in the United States. Editing of genes will become the main technology.

Analysts are confident that middle farmers will experience the biggest problems. Buyers will deal with a limited number of large manufacturers and simplify their supply chain.

In order to succeed in the US agricultural industry, manufacturers should be highly effective managers, understand marketing and be able to quickly adapt to the market. Currently, farmers are actively buying land, especially if there is a market nearby.

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