Finland will build a wall on the border with Russia to protect itself

The Finnish government plans to build a fence on the Russian border to prevent the spread of African swine fever, writes Agro-Center.

The fence made of metal mesh should serve as a barrier for affected wild boars that spread African swine fever. An ASF outbreak was detected 200 km from the border with Finland. In four areas in the west of the Leningrad region of Russia, that borders with Finland, hunting was prohibited. A quarantine was announced on the border of Finland with the European Union.

Escherichia coli bacterium was found in the dairy products of three manufacturers

ASF is not dangerous to humans but it is a fatal disease for cattle. There is no effective vaccine yet.

In Ukraine, in order to localize and eliminate ASF outbreaks, a meeting of a special commission was held. It approved a liquidation plan, determined the limits of outbreaks and protection zones.

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