A dangerous corn pest was found in Ukraine

For the first time, Western corn beetle was recorded in Ukraine. Diabrotica was found in several enterprises of the region. A quarantine regime was introduced in the Kirovograd region, writes Agro-Center.

At the moment, quarantine was introduced in the Blahovishchensʹkyy district on the territory of the agrarian enterprise “Zorya”, in the village of Lozuvate, on the area of ​​110 hectares and in the ​​Guivoronsky district, on the territory of the enterprises “Victory”, on the area of ​​172 hectares, and “Harvest”, on an area of ​​188 hectares.

Western corn beetle is a dangerous corn pest. It is not widespread in Ukraine. It’s larvae feed on corn roots, which leads to a decrease in root mass, poor development of the roots and rot, which makes the roots brown. Weakened plants become more susceptible to various diseases. The beetles and larvae are carriers of various pathogens of corn diseases: fungal, bacterial and viral. Damaged adult plants can be easily bent during strong winds and rains, and their stalks become shaped like a gooseneck. In this case, mechanized harvesting becomes completely or partially impossible.

Let’s recall that Ukraine was expecting record harvest corn this year:

“We expect a record harvest of corn. We had a lot of expected records this year, but the weather is constantly making adjustments. We will see how it goes with corn,”

said the first deputy minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Maxim Martynyuk.

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