Prices for salo will grow due to the African swine fever virus

During the summer of 2018, Ukraine imported about 10.5 thousand tons of pork. It is eight times more than last year. The number will continue to grow, writes Agro-Center.

Ukraine imports pork mainly from the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The imported pork is worth about $30 million. As a result, there is a rise in prices for meat products, including salo.

According to experts, prices for salo and pork will continue to grow.

“It can’t be any other way. Firstly, we pay for the product in euros, while the hryvnia is weakening. Secondly, closer to New Year, a rise in prices for salo and other products is rather common”,

said the member of parliament Trigubenko.

Moreover, Ukrainian pigs have been suffering from African swine fever virus for several years now. This year, 10% fewer pigs were born than in the past.

The virus has spread to all regions of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the year, more than a hundred new cases of ASF were registered.

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