A gold mine: an entrepreneur from Kiev grows Californian worms on his farm (video)

Soil can be treated with chemical fertilizers but experienced farmers recommend minimizing chemical interference and switching to vermicompost. It is an organic fertilizer produced as a result of the processing of various food and agricultural waste by worms and bacteria, writes “Agro-Center”.

Farmer Alexander Shcherbyna is engaged in the cultivation of organic produce and manages an organic farm “Dacha”. On the farm, the man grows organic chickens, cucumbers, raspberries, blueberries, and Californian worms. The use of vermicompost is one of the conditions for obtaining an organic certificate.

Alexander keeps California worms on his farm in order to obtain vermicompost. It is a new breed of worms, which was created in 1959 at the University of California. In special constructions, they process various food waste, as well as produce “juice” which can also be used as fertilizer.

“We bring carrot, beet, potato skins from the kitchen. Worms process them into pure humus, which we use to nourish our plants,” said Alexander.

Watch a new episode of the “La Selo” show for more information on the farm:

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