Farmers make French and Italian cheeses in the Cherkasy region

In the Cherkasy region, in the village of Glushki, fifty locals look after two hundred goats. A few years ago, the village was on the brink of extinction. Nowadays, locals are actively developing animal farming and cheese-making, writes “Agro-Center”.

The village’s cooperative for breeding goats was started by the Chalenki family. They moved from a city to the village in order to be able to do this. Today, all members of the family work on the farm. They say that looking after goats is not difficult. Their daughters shepherd the animals in their free from studies time, and the villagers help with feed preparation. For the inhabitants of the village, this cooperative is the only place where they can make some money. Jobs have appeared in the village for the first time in the last five years.

In the summer, goats give about 250 liters of milk, which is enough for more than 15 kilograms of cheese. Farmers make cheese according to their own recipes. As of today, ten cheese varieties are made on the farm. Among them – Italian and French cheeses, as well as Ukrainian ones.

“The fresher the milk – the more delicious the cheese,”

says the owner.

Cheeses made on the farm are certified and usually sold at fairs. The farm owners pay sales taxes to the village budget. Farmers plan to increase the number of animals and build a real cheese factory.

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