Ukrainians will feel a shortage of vegetables in the near future

Ukrainians can feel a shortage of domestic vegetables even today. Experts say that in the near future the prices for vegetables will grow. The main reason for the increase of prices is this year’s crop, which yielded less than expected, writes “Agro-Center”.

The expert of the fruit and vegetable market Tetyana Hetman said:

“At the moment, there is a shortage of vegetables need for cooking borsht in the neighboring countries as well. Therefore, importing these will be expensive. There already are carrots from Belarus and EU countries at Ukrainian markets. Beetroots are being imported from Poland.”

The expert notes that the prices for vegetables and fruits, especially those imported from abroad, are also influenced by the hryvnia exchange rate.

“Price for apples will remain stable. We had a good harvest this season. Since September, prices for apples have slightly decreased. There are enough apples for the season to be sure that the price will not increase,”

says Tetyana Hetman.

Also, Tatiana stressed that the state should not interfere in the pricing process, the market itself should regulate prices in such a way that they would satisfy both a manufacturer and a buyer.

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