Vegetarian Tried a Burger and Started Slaughtering Pigs (Photo)

Tammy Jonas had been a vegetarian for many years. Because of health problems she had to try a meat burger, after which Tammy decided to give up vegetarianism and get into animal farming, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Bird in flight”.

After many years of being a vegetarian, Tammy went back to eating meat during her pregnancy. The Australian started eating beef or lamb once a week. She gradually introduced other meat products into her diet. A few years later she started eating pork and poultry. The woman consumes meat from private farms where animals are not treated cruelly.

“I never thought it was immoral to take an animal’s life for food. I always was comfortable with my place in the food chain. But I think it is immoral to treat animals cruelly, not allow them to go outside and breathe fresh air, to keep them prisoners in crowded barns,”

said the woman.

It was not difficult for Tammy to become an animal farmer, as she grew up on a ranch in Oregon. Tammy and her husband Stuart decided to raise and slaughter pigs and earn a living. The woman explains that the ethics of meat production are important to her. According to Tammy, pigs are treated most violently in the meat industry.

The farmers let animals walk freely and spend time on pastures. They take care of the animals and make their lives happy. Tammy and her husband also breed cattle.

The woman said that she continues to support vegetarians. With her business, she aims to provide a solution for those who, on the one hand, don’t want to give up meat and, on the other, wish to make more ethical dietary choices.

The farmers write on their website that, unlike large-scale meat production, small local farms are environmentally friendly because they emit less carbon dioxide.

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