New corn hybrids were presented in Vinnytsia region

On September 12th, a traditional Field Day was celebrated in the Vinnytsia region. During the event, KVS-UKRAINE presented new corn hybrids, writes Agro-Center.

The program included a presentation of already popular products that are in demand, as well as several new hybrids. The CEO of the company Alexander Fedorov said:

“The new CVS CAVALER hybrid (FAO 250), which is a part of the UNIQUEDENT line, has unique properties, such as a combination of remontancy and quick moisture output.”

New KVS 4484 (FAO 370) and AMAROS (FAO 230) hybrids were also presented. The latter is a dual-use hybrid. It can be used to obtain silage and high-quality grain or to process it.

“It is a traditional annual event for our clients, partners, distributors, farmers and everyone who helps us work and do business in Ukraine. It is the first Field Day held in the evening for “KVS-UKRAINE”. The idea is that all our partners and customers are working in the agrarian business, and it is not easy. Therefore, we decided to combine our presentation with a good evening rest after a busy day. We thanked them for their cooperation, demonstrated our product – seeds, in a pleasant atmosphere”,

said Alexander Fedorov.

This year, the Field Day was held in a new format – in the evening.

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