Ukrainian strawberries are more expensive than imported ones

The amount of imported strawberry on domestic wholesale markets is increasing, and its price continues to decline, writes Agro-Center.

From the beginning of the week, at the “Shuvar” market in Lviv, the price for imported Spanish strawberries has fallen by almost 17%, and now the product is offered at an average price of 125 UAH/kg (3.86 €/kg). It is almost twice cheaper than the first berries from producers from Transcarpathia and the South.

Strawberry prices dynamics

Strawberry was offered in bulk at 270-300 UAH/kg. However, portions were small – 100-200 kg. The main collection of greenhouse strawberries on the farms in the southern region of Ukraine will begin soon. Crops from Transcarpathia will appear on the markets in early May.

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