Automated barns: how does a milking machine with artificial intelligence work? (Photo)

“Europe Dairy Systems” company specializes in the development of high-tech milking machines, feeding equipment, animal health monitoring systems, and milk cooling systems, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to Dairy Global.

Technologies independently analyze and choose an optimal speed of a so-called carousel, along which the animals move. At the time of milking, sensors determine fatness and quality of milk and send a report with diet recommendations for the animals to a farmer. This can reduce the milking time by 20% and improve animal welfare by up to 30%.

“Using data about the animals to increase the efficiency of milk production and milking is becoming increasingly important for dairy farmers around the world. This is reflected in the number of sensors that have been launched over the last few years on farms, as well as dashboards and management programs used by workers,”

says Rutger Shut, CEO of “Europe Dairy Systems”.

In general, an employee needs 14 seconds to connect a cow to a milking machine. The system can further reduce the time of its stay on the carousel for 50 seconds. This will increase efficiency by 15-20%.

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