Prices for vegetables and fruits will soon decrease in Ukraine

Experts from “EastFruit” predict that if there are no weather anomalies, prices for vegetables and fruit in Ukraine will decrease ten- and fifteenfold in a year. These include beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and others, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to the experts, this year, the prices for vegetables are so high due to weather anomalies that damaged a significant part of the harvest.

“Drought and abnormal heat in the summer led to lower yields and poor quality of onions in the southern regions of the country, where the lion’s share of these vegetables is grown. The same conditions in the central and northern regions have considerably aggravated the situation with root vegetable crops, as well as cabbage. The quality of the products was also low, which increased the losses during storage of vegetables and potatoes even in modern vegetable stores. A situation with potatoes was even worse: a wholesale price was lower than the cost of production for a long time,”

reported EastFruit.

Kateryna Zvereva, project manager at EastFruit, explained that the increase in prices for vegetables was also due to a sharp reduction in the areas allocated for the cultivation of certain vegetables.

“The reason is simple: vegetable production in Ukraine has lost access to two main and most deficient markets for the sale of traditional vegetables: Crimea and Donbass. It was there that these products were not grown in large quantities, prices were high, and there were a lot of consumers,”

explained experts at EastFruit.

However, this season, the area under vegetables, in particular under onions, will increase significantly, and if there is no abnormal heat or drought in the summer, in the next year, we can expect overproduction and lower prices.

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