Hemp sneakers: farmers from the Poltava region make unique shoes

Farmers from the Poltava region revived traditional hemp cultivation in Ukraine. They produce cloth but also shoes under the brand name “Hanftek”, which is popular in Europe, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “SHOTAM”.

The Agro-Hanf community produces clothes and shoes from hemp. In the beginning, they planned to make harnesses and ropes. However, when the demand for these products in the EU countries decreased, entrepreneurs decided to produce pillows and blankets. The products quickly found their buyers and the company decided to design shoes made from hemp.

Today, the project employs 30 people, but during the season the company invites freelance workers. Hemp shoes are unisex, so they are purchased by both women and men. The shoes are sewn manually, and the fabric is subjected to a special treatment so that shoes can be worn even in rainy weather.

Eco-shoes made from hemp by the Ukrainian manufacturer are popular in Spain, Slovakia, Germany, and Italy. The sneakers are sold online. In the future, entrepreneurs plan to find a representative in the United States as well as create a production of socks.

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