Ukrainian onion fields are affected by diseases (photo)

The problem of disease spreading on the onions fields in the southern and central regions of Ukraine is gaining momentum. To date, various fungal diseases have affected about half of the area in the Kherson region, writes Agro-Center.

According to Vadim Dudka, director of “AgroAnaliz” Ltd., the country expects a noticeable reduction of the gross harvest of onions in the current situation:

“According to our research, the yield of onions in healthy fields today is 80-85 tons/ha and can reach 100 tons/ha in the near future. In the affected fields, these rates are reduced to 30-60 t/ha. Thus, according to our estimates, farmers in the southern region of Ukraine may lose up to 40-50% of the crop”.

In addition, according to the expert, the quality of the collected onion will be significantly affected:

“In the photographs, it is clearly visible that sick onion bulbs are small, the root system has already died. According to the results of laboratory studies, such bulbs have a low content of dry matter, which significantly reduces the time of their implementation. In addition, a significant part of the affected onion saves the pathogens of diseases that can affect healthy onions when stored in one place”.

In the current situation, according to Mr. Vadim, the owners of healthy fields prefer to refrain from sales, relying on the search for more demanding buyers who are willing to pay a high price.

The expert added that the losses of farmers will be enormous: the cost of their collected onions will increase significantly due to a sharp drop in yields, but they will not be able to sell their products at high prices because of its poor quality.

This situation will be a lesson for those farmers who have decided to save on plant protection measures and means of additional protection and is a proof of the need for a professional, in-depth approach to the production of vegetables, said the expert.

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