“Winter beer” made from Christmas trees in the Netherlands

The Dutch botanical brewery “Lowlander Beer” made “winter beer” from discarded Christmas trees. To cook this truly festive winter miracle, brewers at “Lowlander Beer” used 600 kg of needles, became partners with a botanical garden and restaurants in Amsterdam, and all those who wanted to participate, writes “Agro Center”.

It was a success! According to the data, more than 1000 trees were registered for the production of beer. While only the needles were used for making beer, brewers decided to use other stuff as well! Some part of it was used for the creation of gift sets and bottles, and another part served as raw material for making Lowlander Botanical Brut (limited series of sparkling beer brewed with adding needles and fermented champagne yeast).

In addition to making beverages, brewers used the wood to smoke cheese, fish and even sausages.

“Winter beer” made from Christmas tree needles and juniper berries, was refreshing, spicy and slightly bitter. The beer was presented at 700 drinking establishments and restaurants and sold on Amazon.

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