Taste homemade cheese from buffalo milk in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

Start in Khust, where you will see an ostrich farm, then visit the village of Iza, and observe the locals engaged in sheep breeding and cheese production. Then go to the village of Lipcha, where you can meet spotted deer, and stop at your final destination, the village of Gorinchevo. Residents of Khust region work to increase the attractiveness of their land to tourist, are proud of its authenticity, climate, and, most importantly, the hospitality of its people. The village of Gorinchevo is no exception. Tourists interested in seeing non-typical farming in Ukraine can visit the buffalo farm “Na toku”.

Vasyl Ivanovich, the owner of the farm, has shared the story of its creation. He mentioned that it started with only three buffaloes and now he has 20. The farmer created necessary living conditions for the animals. The buffaloes don’t ask for much, but the enjoy vast space, so the territory of the farm is large. Here on the farm, the buffaloes are kept for their milk. One female buffalo gives about 2000 liters of milk per year. Homemade cheese, kefir, and butter are made from it. You can try all the products on the farm. The buffaloes are not the only residents of the farm. There are ducks, peacocks, and an African ostrich. The animals are accustomed to people and let the tourists feed and pet them.

Vasyl shared his thoughts on the development of tourism in Transcarpathia.
“Of course, Transcarpathia is a rich land. We definitely have things to show and have something to be proud of. However, we need to create the conditions for it. First of all, we need to have high-quality roads and comfortable public transport, as well as make sure that guests have a place where to rest and eat”, – says the farmer.

To support his point of view, Vasyl shows his farm, which he transformed into a real complex for tourists. On his farm, you can have fun horse riding and try the homemade Transcarpathian food. Also, there is a small motel for those who wish to stay in the village of Gorinchevo for a few days.

There’s no doubt that local people’s efforts and love for the work give amazing results. A place for tourist has been created here step-by-step. The most important thing is to find something that will attract guests so that they would remember their stay in the village with a smile, tell their friends about it and return there more than once.

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