The largest in the world pig herd has declined by 60 million heads

Jim Long, president and CEO of “Genesus Inc”, said that nationwide consumption of pig feed fell by 10%. This, in turn, means that the largest in the world pig herd has declined, writes “Agro-Center”.

“Last week, sources of the Chinese animal feed industry reported that consumption of pig feed significantly decreased, compared to last year. This denotes a general reduction of the number of pigs in China. Approximately 1.5-1.7 million sows were eliminated because of low prices even before the outbreak of African swine fever. The further decrease in the number of pigs is due to ASF. According to preliminary estimates, a 10% reduction of feed intake means that China now lacks about 60 million pigs, compared to last year,”

said the expert.

Experts say that prices will become an indicator of the supply of pigs from China. Currently, the price is about $ 1.92 per kilogram. Its increase will mean a further reduction in the supply of pigs in China. Some provinces in China are profiting, while others are losing money.

During the last four months, more than 90 outbreaks of the ASF have been detected in China. However, it is believed that not all outbreaks were officially registered. As of today, 22 provinces of China have reported outbreaks of the ASF.

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