The meat of the future: chicken grown in test tubes in the USA (video)

In a laboratory in the Silicon Valley, scientists grow chicken in test tubes. They take the genetic material for experiments from real chickens, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to BBC Ukraine.

Innovators say that this is a qualitative transition from how animals are now being raised in captivity. It will help to reduce harmful emissions that enter the environment as the result of traditional meat production.

The meat produces this way is not vegetarian “meat” as it is grown from live animal cells. It takes about two weeks to grow chicken meat in a test tube. Scientists use protein to make the meat grow.

Як смакує курятина із лабораторії в Кремнієвій долині?

У 1931 році Вінстон Черчилль спрогнозував, що одного дня людство "перестане займатись абсурдом і вирощувати цілу курку заради грудки чи крильця, й вирощуватиме ці частини окремо". А чи скуштували б ви стегенце з лабораторії?

Опубликовано BBC News Ukrainian Воскресенье, 21 октября 2018 г.

American farmers are worried about the invention and are asking manufacturers to let people know that this is not real meat.

“To provide transparency for consumers so that they know what they are buying and give to their families, we believe that this meat should be called something else,”

says a farmer from Missouri, Cullen Bruce.

The first ones to taste “the meat from a test tube” will be guest of Asian restaurants. Josh Tetrick, executive director of the developer “Just’s”, says that the meat meal will appear in menus at several restaurants by the end of this year.

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