Mozart for chickens: hens of a Turkish farmer lay eggs while listening to classical music

Ozgur Istanbul is a farmer from the province of Bursa. He plays classical music to his chickens, writes “Agro Center” with a reference to “Haberturk”.

After graduating from the University of Izmir, the farmer opened a bird farm in the Uludag province of Bursa. On his farm, the man keeps his birds in perfect conditions and plays classical music, including the works of Mozart, in the barn.

“Once I read about the benefits of classical music in a newspaper and decided to try it. My birds like it. They lay good eggs. They listen to classical music every day for two hours,”

said the farmer.

Ozgur told that chicken eggs from his farm are selling well. People who live in the region know that his chickens live in an environmentally friendly area, so the eggs are in great demand:

“We do not use fodder to out chickens, only natural food. There are 1,200 chickens on the farm, but it is not enough. We sell 800-900 eggs a day, and demand for them continues to grow.”

Dr. Mehmet Organ, a professor at Uludag University said that there is no scientifically proven influence of classical music on animals but “the influence of music on their productivity is obvious.”

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